Shai-Nefer (shy neef-are)

“I'm not going to be the face of a merchant house that doesn't exist.”


Merchant prince:
“Merchant princes are the captains of commerce, canny mercantilists who deal with nation-spanning trade contracts in bulk commodities as well as backroom deals over baubles of great price. They are clever negotiators and can serve as highly skilled spies, diplomats, or charlatans emulating true magicians. A merchant prince often retains a sellsword as a bodyguard.”


A tall raven haired beauty wearing traditional Osirian outfit and ornaments, Shai-Nefer’s brown eyes stare hopefully. She is a merchant queen in a powerful yet precarious position, as recently some of her caravans never got to where they were supposed to go. Or even came back. This is causing many to gossip that her name which means “good luck” in Osirian is rather terribly ironic.

Shai-Nefer (shy neef-are)

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